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Making a difference to the society

“The day, we as a parent, get answers to the following questions, we`ll be able to bring in the change we want to see in the world”,

  • Why can’t I as a parent observe my child’s class in progress
  • Why should my child need tuitions/coaching if he is regular with studies at school
  • Why can’t I go straight and talk the problems, of course my intent is right
  • Why should my child feel pressurized, he must enjoy the learning process
  • What about the creativity of my child, will it ever get noticed

Mount Litera Zee School Barrackpore is an answer to all these. The excellent committed team of the school believes in the psychology of the needed education system and brings forth a lot of educational awareness programs for parents and the society to support children in this process.

Let the spark inside create more brightness!!!